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Real Food, Real Wood, Real Good
Real Food, Real Wood
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Carly & Matt
2023-10-08 10:50:46
Matt catered our wedding dinner on a farm in Somerset and every aspect of his service was professional, passionate and high quality. We met with Matt beforehand to try the menu and Matt was really happy to adapt to our requests of catering for both meat eating and vegan diets… people still comment on how delicious the slow cooked meat was! Matt set up, prepped and cleared up everything without a single issue or us needing to be involved and we really couldn’t recommend him and Roxie’s enough. Thanks so much.
Heather Kuta
2023-10-04 14:32:35
Matt and his fabulous team of friends and colleagues were the stars of what became our wedding meal. My husband and I were introduced to Matt via another friend as we had the hope of roasting whole lamb from the family farm. Matt not only made that happen, but blew it out of the park by roasting them Argentine-style tent side (which everyone took photos of!) and delivering a menu that paired well with the bbq lamb and our fun-first party style. Delicious meal, wonderful courses all made from scratch (even crackers) and fabulous people to work with that felt part of the party. He’s on my contact list (truthfully)for if/when another chance arises to have Roxie’s/Matt do another roast. :)
Dora Radosevic
2023-09-05 13:49:24
Matt and his team did the catering for our wedding this summer in Hackney. I honestly can’t stress enough how happy we were with the food and service! All the guests loved the food and have been telling me that ever since. There were amazing vegan options too which everyone was impressed with. I would 100% recommend Roxie’s BBQ Spot to anyone looking for great event catering :)
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