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Matt Tarantini
Owner | Chef | Trader | Son
Michelin star trained chef turned BBQ-ologist

I have worked in several of London's finest establishments. I began my career at Odette's in Primrose Hill. Eventually I moved on, seeking to expand my skillset, I worked under the tutelage of head chef Chris Staines at Foliage - a 1* Michelin establishment - and later, under chef patron Claude Bosi at Hibiscus - proud owner of 2* Michelin. I went on to serve as Head Chef at Elliot's in Borough Market and then at Source in Battersea. After spending 2 years working at the Little Bread Pedlar, perfecting my bread making and fermenting, I returned to Elliot's as Executive Chef, where I am currently still working, in charge of 2 restaurants.

I have taken all these years of excellent learning and experience, and turned them towards creating Roxie's BBQ Spot. At Roxie's I am able to combine three of my favourite things; spices, smoking/grilling and street food.
The Original | Inspiration | Mother
Roxie, or Roxx as she goes by these days, ran a lunch cafe/restaurant when I was young. I spent much time there after school immersing myself in a culinary environment from an early age and fell in love with cooking. When momma closed the restaurant she continued with her cooking as a freelance caterer, me at her side helping and continuing to grow my passion. Momma helped shape the chef I have become and I carry on with her name with honour.

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